Child Protection

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Child Protection.

Keeping children safe and free from harm is what we believe in and what we do.
The Child Protection Programme is a core sector of our work.
Children pushed into child labour, children facing abuse in the community, children trafficked, children affected by a calamity or emergency situation - Sankalpa foundation works to protect children from different kinds of harms-abuse, neglect, exploitation, physical danger and violence.
Despite the rampant economic growth in the last two decades, lakhs of children in India continue to be exposed to different forms of exploitation-mental and physical. For example, a shocking 10.1 million children (aged 5-14 years) are still into the abhorrent practice of child labour which is destroying their childhood. A simple premise that every child deserves a happy and safe childhood is what drives us to run projects in the remotest parts of India to protect children from harm.
How do we do it
We form Children Groups through which we bring together vulnerable children in a community. These children then collectively work our solutions to help themselves and each other and ensure child rights in their area are upheld.
We work very closely with these Children Groups and train them to identify and prevent cases of child marriage, child trafficking, child abuse and child labour. We map out-of-school children, street children and those who are involved in child labour and facilitate their movement into schools by the means of enrolment drives.